Friday, November 15, 2013


It bothers me that when someone is anointed with oil for healing they are basically rubbed on the forehead with a finger that has been pressed onto an oily pad or else had a drop of oil put on it. This bothers me because I have a feeling that this is not the meaning of the word 'to anoint' in the Bible.  I have a feeling that the true meaning and therefore the proper practice would be to pour a quantity of oil over the one who is to be healed so that it runs down over them.  From what I remember reading of when people were anointed in the Bible (Old Testament anyway) this is what was done. I have one of those gut feelings that if people did it this way then healings would occur, maybe even immediately.

I suppose all that remains now is for me to study it and see for sure what it really means to be anointed. I'll add it to the list of the others things I think I should study!